12:30 AM

A Scandal From Singapore

This is not pinoy scandal, in fact, where I got it it was entitled from Singapore. This is an Asian scandal for sure.

11:27 PM

New Scandal of a Short Haired Lady

This is a new scandal of a short haired lady being f***ked by a foreigner. THis was obviously taken from a cellphone by both of them while in action.

2:11 AM

So Wet

The source of this sex scandal, but by the sound on the background it seems to be Asian. This is just a video clip of a couple having sex and the girl's pussy getting so wet.

1:23 AM

Two Fingers Pinoy Scandal

This new pinoy scandal is about a guy who is fingering his girl with two fingers. The faces of the girl and the guy are not shown and their names are unknown. But you can see in this video how wet the girl got being while being fingered.

Credits: Downloaded from fsiblog.com

1:22 AM

Rita Scandal

The lady in this video scandal who appears to be liking what's happening is allegedly named Rita.

1:15 AM

IRA Scandal

This scandal involves a girl allegedly named Ira.

10:08 PM

Alleged Angel Locsin Scandal

This is the alleged scandal video of a Filipina actress, Angel Locsin. She, however, denied this allegation.